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professional golf courses

A lot of the golf courses in Portugal have been used for professional tournaments. This makes them must-visits when you’re on your golf trip there. Play the same courses the pros have played and see how you do. Whatever happens, you will walk away a much better golfer than when you arrived.

sunny weather

Portugal has fine and sunny weather almost all year round. The quiet season (which is when it rains) only last for about a month and a half. Make sure you are visiting during a time that has good weather—unless of course you don’t mind playing in the rain.

golf course all day

Golf courses in Portugal cater for all your needs during your visit. You can comfortably play two games throughout the day and stick around for some top class dining experiences. There are also facilities that will keep you and the rest of your family busy for hours.

set on the beach

Portugal’s golf courses that are most famous for scenery are often situated close to the beachfront. This makes for an incredibly relaxing time on the golf course. You will often see the ocean on one side and farmland on the other. This is a true Portugal experience.


Things you might not know about golfing in Portugal

The locals are real golf lovers

While playing golf in Portugal you are likely to see a lot of locals there. These folks are regulars at their neighbouring courses and know them well—almost as well as a second home. Converse politely with these men and women and gain some pointers from them.

Beach courses are horribly windy

However, courses that are situated on the beach can be quite windy at certain times of the day. If you plan to play there, make sure you study some tricks on how to play in the wind. If you know your stuff, you can actually use the wind to work in your favour.

Most courses have a strict dress code

Remember to ask a golf course manager about the dress code when booking. If you arrive inappropriately dressed, you will be turned away regardless of your debating skills. Purchase the right clothes and pack them before going. Failure to do so will force you to buy clothes in Portugal—a forced purchase that will dig into your spending money.


Many golf courses have

If you find yourself needing anything golf related while in Portugal, most courses will have a pro shop on the golf course. You can buy anything from golf clubs, golf balls, clothes and accessories. Bear in mind that these items come at a hefty price, so if you already have it, make sure you pack it.

The rough is truly horrible!

Portugal’s golf courses have been carved out of terrain that is quite unforgiving. Grass is thick and matted and water hazards are everywhere. If your aim is off, you will struggle through these courses. If you land in the rough, you will struggle to get your ball out.

Most hotels and resorts offer golf course fee specials and discounts

Finally, remember to ask your hotel whether they offer discounts on nearby course fees. These are often included in your package so be sure to take advantage if you can. AlgarveGolfHoliday offers perfect golf holidays for you and your friends.


Thanks for incredible memories I brought from my last trip. I can't wait for the next vacations to go there.

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Portugal is really worth visiting If you like golf. It was really perfect trip for me.

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If there is something that can be a paradise on earth, I bet its in Portugal! This golf courses are truly unforgettable!

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Thank you for given tips. i improved my playing style and now I can enjoy a realy entertaining game!

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Golfing in Portugal is really more like dreaming. Bright courses and breath-taking views make it perfect destination to go.

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