A List of Characteristics that every Decent Golf Course in Lisbon Has

Portugal is destination of pure golf with 80 variants of golf courses in place. And you get not only great golfing facilities, you also get good weather, sea views, breathtaking landscapes, excellent service and many more things to get attracted towards Portugal every year. The Lisbon area in Portugal is full of golf courses that have some traits in common:

  • Most of the courses in Lisbon are set up in two spheres of nine golf holes.
  • The golf courses consist of a large ratio of holes for two shots, pitch holes for three or two drives, and four holes for one shot.
  • You need to walk a little between the tees and the greens. The courses are arranged such that when you go there in for the first time, you need to walk slightly from the green to the tee. The golf holes are adequately flexible to be extended in future if required.
  • The fairways and greens are undulating sufficiently so that you enjoy the feeling but do not feel that you are climbing hills.
  • The holes in almost all the golf courses have different characters.
  • You will find minimum blindness in the approach shots.
  • In the amazing surroundings of the holes, you will not be able to distinguish between the artificial features and the natural ones. They both are merged beautifully into each other.
  • There are enough heroic carries commencing the tee, and the golf courses are arranged such that if you are an average player, and you miss a stroke or even a part of stroke; you can always have a substitute route for you.
  • The golf courses offer you a wide range of options to play different strokes in different holes, eg. Brassy shots, pitch shots, run-ups, iron shots, etc.
  • You do not have to get annoyed while searching for a lost golf ball. The courses are designed in order to save you the irritation.
  • Even if you are a plus man, you will be motivated to improve your game when you play in the golf courses of Lisbon. There is constant scope for improvement in the shots you have always failed to play.
  • If you are a player with long handicap, or an absolute beginner, you do not have to worry about your enjoyment. Despite all the mistakes you make, you can enjoy round of golf.
  • Round the year in Lisbon, you can experience pleasant weather, during summer and winter. The fairways and greens are perfectly designed.