How to Avoid Spending Too Much On Golf Break Accommodation

A lot of options are there than you think

If you are a hard core traveler, you must have an idea of where to stay at almost every holiday destination at cheapest tariffs or even for free. But, for those who do not travel much, we have a few suggestions on how you can save on your accommodation expenses on a holiday and spend the money at the right places. You just need to be a little creative and bold to try these alternatives for accommodation. You can judge the pros as well as cons of these options and decide for yourself what suits you.

Room rentals for short term

This is a very popular alterative taking its roots in the travel world. Using appropriate websites, you can easily find a room to rent in someone’s cottage, studio apartment, etc. for fares under $50 per night. You also get to interact with the locals who also have the advantage to earn some extra money. These homes are mostly authenticated by the websites. Do not forget to check the ratings before you rent such a house.

Religious housing

It depends upon your location of travelling but you might find monasteries, convents, Jewish guesthouses at many tourist destinations. They are highly affordable than the regular chains of hotels. The authorities of such places are family friendly and the places are calm and clean. But, if you are a hard core party animal, you might have problems staying in religious housing. Moreover, if you have kids who shout at the highest pitch possible, you might face tough questions from the authorities.


Dump the misconception that hostel are only for youth. If you want a budget option, you can check in to a hostel. They can even provide you with a private room if you do not like to share a room with strangers. Still, it will cost you much lesser than a hotel room. They are ideal places for those who do not mind the company of many strangers. You must check the authenticity and reviews of a hostel before checking in for your own safety.

Home stays

Staying in the spare bedroom of a local is also a very cheap option to stay. You might even get such a home stay for free in the house of a generous local. There are many websites that provide options for home stays. Reviews of previous travelers in a home stay can be really helpful. You have to be trustworthy and friendly to choose home stay. Some websites interview you before assigning you a home. Safety of the lender as well as the traveler is important.

Vacation rentals

These places are much more spacious than the hotel rooms and also provide a kitchenette. Cooking your own food can save a lot of money on restaurants. Such a place is ideal if you are travelling with a large group of friends. They are also bound with a contract. Thus, if you have dicey plans, it is better that you choose a hotel.