Beginning Golf Lessons: Basic Recommendations For Newbies

As a new golfer, there really is no harm in taking a few lessons. In fact, those golfers who never took a lesson or two when starting out will tell you that it was one of the biggest mistakes they made as a newbie

So when looking to take a lesson, there are a few important things to consider. Here, a little bit of research will come in handy while you try to find a golf pro in your area that suits your budget.

Some points to consider include:

  • How long the lesson will take

  • How much the lesson will cost

  • Is there a discounted rate when booking more than one lesson?

  • Be sure to check the credentials of the person giving the golf lesson

  • Do they make use of any extras to help you in your attempt to become a better golfer (for example, swing cameras or other golfing aids)

Another avenue is to keep a look out for free golf clinics in your city. These happen far more often than you think and might be a great way to find out if golf is the game for you.

Once you have found someone who will give you your first golf lesson, make sure the following happens.

  • Introduction phase
  • During the introduction phase of the lesson, your golfing teacher should first interact with you, asking a number of questions. Perhaps the most important of these include your golfing goals, how often you expect to play a round and whether you have any former history with the sport. Finally, they should ask about any injuries you might have had, especially to your shoulders or back.

  • The lesson
  • Ideally, you should start with a warm-up and stretching to make sure your muscles are ready for what is ahead, especially if you have never swung a golf club before. The rest should be all about the basics of golf, starting with the grip, stance, and basic swing mechanics.

  • The wrap-up
  • Finally, at the end of the lesson, most golf teachers will perform a thorough recap of each and every aspect covered. This is particularly useful for brand new golfers, just to reinforce what they have learnt as well as what they should be practicing. Many teachers will give you an assignment to complete with the next visit in mind.

    Newbies starting golf for the first time should never be afraid to have a couple of lessons to kick start their entry into the sport. They really can help!