Which Way To Go In Search Of Interesting Golf Deals In Vilamoura

Vialmoura may the most popular region in Portugal for golfing holidays. If you have your heart set on that part of the country and you have a keen eye for a bargain, this article will point the way for you to find those deals.

The Information super highway

Here is the sequence we suggest you follow for finding golf holiday deals in Vilamoura"

  1. The airlines

    Visit the websites of European airlines and do a few searches for flights to Vilamorua. You will often see golf packages included alongside flights.

  2. Golf travel websites

    Look for a "contact us" page (this is a requirement by Google these days) and give them a call or send an email.

  3. Online forums
  4. Do a quick search for forums that are dedicated to golf holidays in Europe and especially the Algarve. Ask questions related to Vilamoura golf deals but make sure that you contribute to the forum first before you start asking for great deals.

  5. Social media
  6. You can also ask questions on Facebook groups. Remember to show respect first by writing to the moderator of the group and ask their permission to ask. Members will be very willing to help you if you are polite and show respect for the group and are a little bit humble.

    You can also comment on YouTube videos that show golfers playing courses in Portugal and you will get replies. You can also ask questions on Twitter and direct message people to get replies.

  7. Niche blogs
  8. Find blogs that are dedicated to golf travel in Europe and contribute to the discussion. Well-known bloggers are happy to reply to questions because they are keen to build a community.

  9. Word of mouth
  10. Once you have exhausted your questions online then you can start speaking to people in person. You should begin with your local golf professional and then ask the members at your local course. When you play away days at other courses you can ask the members there. Have a look in the locker room and pick up the golfing papers and magazines in the clubhouse and take a look in the classifieds section at the back of the paper for offers on timeshare apartments and reduced green fees on golf courses in the Algarve.

To get you thinking, here are 3 top courses in Vilamoura that you can begin typing into Google:

  • The Faldo Oceanico

  • The Oceanico O┬┤Connor Jnr. Golf Course (right next door)

  • Penina Sir Henry Cotton Golf Course