Mastering The Approach Shot: How To Have Better Distance Control

Hitting the ideal approach shot is something that all players want to do. This will not only help you get the best out of your game, but will also help you improve as a player. There are some simple things that you do to improve your game which in the long run turn you into a finer player all round. When you can pay attention to some of these tips, you will come to realize that with time, you are getting better at almost all aspects of golfing.

We will share with you some distance control basics that can play a significant role in helping you perfect the approach shot. As long as you can play these properly and make sure that you do some practice from time to time, there is a good chance that you will never have to struggle with the approach shot at all.

  • Focus on distance off the green
  • The perfect ship shot
  • The bump and run
  • The last lob

Focus on distance off the green

In the event that you are at least 60 yards from the green, a pitch shot is supposed to come in handy. Use a pitching wedge for this and make sure that you leave your shoulders open while you are lining up yourself in position with the pin.

Try to be careful with this shot to make sure that you do not send it so high in the air, ending up in a really soft landing.

The perfect ship shot

A good chip shot is necessary for you to hack this. In particular if you do not have any hazards ahead of you and the greens where you want to send the approach shot are uphill, this will work just fine. A good approach shot should be taken at least 30 yards from the hole.

The bump and run

Next up you will need to run a good bump and run shot. For this shot you are supposed to be at least 15 yards from the green. Use a 9 iron for this shot, or a pitching wedge can also come in handy. Set a moderate follow through on the ball and you will be good to go.

The last lob

When you are at least 25 yards off the hole, take a lob wedge and get your ball high in the air. This is supposed to land rather softly.