Amazing Long Drive Golf Tips You've Never Heard About

Tips about how to drive the ball further have been around in golf ever since the days of Old Tom Morris. Most amateur golfers have heard them, and tried them at some point. In this article, you will learn some little-known tips that have been kept top secret among big hitters for centuries.

  1. Use the big ball (The Earth)
  2. A new phenomenon in the modern game is players creating leverage off the ground when they swing. This means that they press into the turf on the backswing and then "spring" off the ground on the downswing for more speed.

  3. Buy an "illegal driver"
  4. A few years ago, a few drivers were released with a "spring face" technology that created the "trampoline effect" when the ball made contact with the face. These drivers were illegal for pro players but were, and still are, legal in the amateur game. With one of these drivers, the ball will rocket off of the clubface with lots of ball speed. The modern drivers may be more advanced but you will still be able to find one of these drivers second hand on the internet.

  5. Footwear is important
  6. Your contact with the ground is very important in golf. So important, in fact, that if you lose your footing, it will cost you power. To realize the importance of footwear, try hitting drives long either barefoot, in high heels and with golf shoes to see how important it is for power. Buy golf shoes with really good spikes that allow you to grip the turf.

  7. Change your tees
  8. Buy some "no resistance tees". These tees, rather than having a wooden cup at the top to hold the ball up, have bristles like a brush. The golf ball sits on top of these bristles and thus provides no resistance for the clubhead as it passes through to hit the ball.

  9. Don't keep your head down
  10. The old adage of "keeping your head down" will hurt you when you are trying to hit the ball further. Keeping your head down too long will restrict your turn through the ball and slow down your release.

  11. Change your grips
  12. Invest in some chord grips on your clubs. Chord grips will help you lighten your grip, which in turn will increase your hand speed and allow you hit the ball further.