How To Plan Your Family Golfing Holiday In Algarve

The beauty of the Algarve it has something for everyone. Parents who suggest a summer holiday in Algarve are likely to get nods of agreement. That is because all members of the family will be able to see some things that they can do:

  • The beaches are great and the sea warm. There are water sports or those not feeling particular active can simply soak up the sun and get a suntan.
  • There is a fairly well-developed tourist infrastructure with plenty of nightlife.
  • Mediterranean cuisine is increasingly popular because of the perception that it is very healthy; it is certainly full of fresh produce and the sardines are especially tasty.
  • Hotels offer plenty of fitness alternatives.
  • There is a great range of golf courses throughout the Algarve with transfers to and from the courses easy to arrange.

The choice of golf courses to play depends on the number in the family that want to play and their standard. One of the advantages of picking the Algarve is that no one will feel deserted with nothing to do if some go off to play golf. There is likely to be a good beach fairly close to any base the family selects or there are hotels with a wide range of facilities to keep everyone happy:

  • Swimming pools, adult and children
  • Spa and gym facilities
  • Tennis

Much depends on the budget. Families often like independence and there are self-catering accommodation alternatives ranging from apartments to private villas. It does mean that there is no need to eat out every night and after breakfast everyone can decide what to day with their day as the golfers depart.

It is possible to pay high green fees for some of the courses; that is fairly standard in golf everywhere when it involves courses that have regularly held professional championships. However that does not have to be the case. Perhaps one championship course is a treat but there are also inexpensive courses and some of only 9 holes if you do not want golf to dominate a particular day.

Flights down to the Algarve into Faro are easy to arrange and there are options from most regional airports. You can do it all yourself though there are companies specialising in Algarve golf holidays only too happy to advise and make suggestions about the best locations, accommodation and courses.