Free Tips On How To Get Out Of Thick Grass On The Golf Course

One of the most challenging plays a golfer will experience is playing their golf ball out of thick grass. This can be tricky since the club head is not able to hit the ball at a good angle, unlike when grass is shorter. This means more strategic elements can be used to help make a good play. Such elements can also be practiced on and off the golf course. Playing in thick grass may include using a good swing and having the ability to cut through grass and lift the ball out without doing too much damage to the turf. Here are tips on how to play your ball from thick grass.

  • Know the right club to use such as a hybrid or an iron with a loft. A wedge could work for deeper grass. The right club can be the key to the whole play. This depends on how well you know your clubs and which one you think will give the best result.
  • Look at the grass and get an idea of how it could affect your club and swing method. The ball may not travel as far or your club may not travel as fast. Analyze the grass first and try not to be in a rush to take the shot. Think about where your club head and clubface will come into contact with the ball as you swing your iron. Looking at the ball and how it is resting in the grass can give a hint at which club to use for the play.
  • Right-hand players should aim toward the left when taking their shot. Aiming helps to give the ball direction since your club face may not be able to as much due to the deep grass.
  • Make sure you follow through completely when you swing. As you come in to swing and make contact, don’t fall short of your swing but keep it going to give the ball more lift.
  • Come down toward the ball harder when going into your downswing. This is key to avoid over swinging. You don’t have to do much to the club itself except this move.
  • Avoid swinging too hard or too much to get the ball from the grass. You could end up hurting yourself if you swing too hard and you don’t want to cut into the grass too deep.