4 Little Known Methods To Increase Golf Swing Power

To make the ball really fly towards the target your swing must pack some punch (i.e.) you need to get the swing mechanics right and put some muscle to generate power in the golf stroke. Generating power might sound simple, but it’s far from it. Pooling all your strength and madly swing the club won’t work. Though there might be a number of techniques to increase swing power, here are some that you might have never known, hence never tried. Here are some of them.

Relax before the shot

When we hear the phrase ‘Golf Swing Power’ the natural connections that our mind makes is strength, force, speed, swing, etc. This line of thought really puts too much pressure on the golfer and increases tension and stress. Instead of helping the golfer, it causes the swing muscles to contract, become tense, and as such results in a weak golf shot. The key to powerful swing is a relaxed mind thinking of hitting a smooth golf shot, instead worrying about hitting the ball hard. The setup – the vital few seconds – that precedes a shot is very crucial for relaxation. Block all outer influence, banish negative thoughts, and focus only on a smooth swing.

The 100-yard drill

Go back to the driving range and practice the 100 yard drill. Both beginners and experienced professionals could benefit a great deal regularly practicing this drill. Visit the driving range and try to reach 100 yards with just 30 percent of your normal swing power. Don’t let the faults and mishits deter you, keep working on the 30 percent power rule till you consistently reach the 100 yards. The next stage is increasing the swing power to 50 percent and then to 75 percent. Once you ace the 100 yard drill, increase the distance and practice the swing again.


Swing practice doesn’t end at the driving range; it takes a different form off the practice arena. Mentally create a scenario on the golf course and visualize a golf shot in your mind. Since there is no pressure or stress, feel free to picture a relaxed swing.

Visualizing a shot is harder than practicing on the driving range, especially in the early stages. Don’t give up; use your free time to recreate the swing in your mind. This process may not benefit you much, but it’ll help you pace the swing correctly.

Strengthen the core muscles

To increase swing power gives precedence to the core muscles over the shoulder and leg muscles. The core and the hips are vital to the coil and uncoil motion of the body midsection that’s key to generating power during the swing.