Fundamental Golf Lessons: How To Hit The Ball Low

In many cases hitting the ball low in golf is necessary when playing during windy conditions. Hitting low can reduce the risk of the ball spinning too much while keeping it out of the wind as much as possible. A greatly executed shot can also reduce risk of hitting bogeys. Your stance may play a big role in how to effectively hit the ball low. The idea is to cut back on loft from the club to create better impact. Here are points to consider when wanting to hit the ball low in golf.

  • Get in setup position and align your shot. When you are in this position try to think about how to hit the ball and stay in alignment. You don’t have to think about it too much, but have realistic expectations when considering your abilities.
  • Choke down with a good grip and be sure it is comfortable. When you choke down it also lets you focus more on how the club is being held and positioning of your feet. A good grip will ensure your swing is not overdone or cause discomfort through the swing shot.
  • The ball should be back in your stance roughly between your feet, then step back to create space between you and the ball. Having the ball back in your stance can help in hitting the right area of the ball to ensure it stays low. You can practice hitting and get an idea of where you should be standing and how much space is best between you and the ball.
  • In your stance lean forward with over half of your weight over your leading or forward foot. Doing this can help direct the ball to stay low. This element also helps during windy conditions and maintaining motion as your swing is being executed.
  • Keep your position as you swing through to ensure the ball stays low through impact. Keeping your position means staying focused from start to finish in your shot. Follow through completely to keep the ball on its intended path.

Additional Tips

To get more assistance in understanding how to keep the ball low consider lessons with a professional and practice the motion along with different ball placement positions and grip techniques. Practice is an important element since this shot requires doing different moves you may not do otherwise.