Golf Chipping Lessons For Seniors: 5 Golden Rules

Chipping shots are no golfer’s ideal strokes but they are necessary to help avoid bogeys and get the ball much closer to the hole. You may want to brush up on your chipping shots if you want to score faster scores and save your pars. Listed below are five fundamentals every senior must follow to chip the ball perfectly:

  • Choke that grip
  • Any senior golf must choke down on your chip shot so that you can get your body near the ball and helps you hit shots that are less than full swing. Make sure that you don’t hunch your body and use your knees to maintain a good posture and stance.

  • Keep your stance open
  • You should ideally stand with your feet far apart and narrow so that your body can turn properly when you chip the ball.

  • Keep your weight forward
  • Position yourself in such a manner that all your body weight is on your forward side and place the ball behind. This helps create a downward blow on the ball that is also steep in nature and helps you get the right loft and aim. This narrow stance also helps you control the shot better and ensures that you make constant connection with the golf ball.

  • Put your head up
  • This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at the ball, rather it just means just keep it at a higher level but always make sure your eyes are on the target. When your head is up, you don’t slouch between your arms, can rotate them around properly, and thus will be able to control the distance and direction.

  • The right kind of club
  • Choosing the right clubs to hit the chip shot also goes a long way in determining how successful you will be. Ideally, you should mix up the clubs to get a better spin and height on the shot. You can use an 8 iron to tackle low-sloped chips and then team it up with a pitching wedge, which can chip shots in very deep grass. You should also use a 56 degree sand wedge as this helps you get the right spin and height and also ensures that you come in direct contact with the ball to get that ideal chip.

The above golden rules are perfect for any senior golf player and will help them create the perfect chip shot!