Golf Driving Made Simple: How To Make A Pure Contact

There is no greater feeling in golf than smashing long and straight drives. Very few get to experience this feel often, that’s because to have a consistent drive one needs to learn the tricks of making pure contact. If you’re reading this article, it means you want to experience the joy of pure contact, that too, often. Here we discuss the ingredients that help golfers achieve pure contact.

But, before anything else, what is the meaning of pure contact?

Simply put, pure contact produces a drive free of fault or defect. Everything works perfectly – from the stance to the follow through – every aspect of the drive is flawless and well synchronized resulting in a long, straight, and accurate drive.

The stance and ball position

The placement of the ball doesn’t change much; for every drive the ideal ball position is the spot that’s in line with the shirt logo. Why is this spot preferred? The reason is, on the downswing the golfer will be in the perfect position to hit the ball with the iron still coming down.

Your stance should aid easy weight shift, and for that, your shoulder must be straight above the center of each foot. Once, you’re in position, carefully choose the target and the trajectory that’ll take your drive as close as possible to the target.

Focus on the width during the backswing

On the back swing, many golfers have problem maintaining a well stretched arm. Often the arms bend and the wrists get near the head. This affects the down swing and makes it very hard to achieve a pure contact. To avoid it follow a simple drill: Get ready to address the ball, then remove your left hand from the iron (this drill is for right-handed players), and take a full backswing. Now hold that position, and using your left hand grip the iron. Notice the stretch you’ve to make to reach the grip, that’s the ideal width to use.

The downswing and the contact

The downswing doesn’t begin with your hands, it starts from the feet. Commence the swing by shifting your body weight to the left, so that you attain a good position to rotate your hips which will free your arms.

Learn to hit down. Make sure that the clubhead impact with the ball happens on the downswing. The descending hit with backspin puts the ball in the air. These three simple tips will do wonders to your drive.

Note: You can discover more about your drive with self analysis. All you’ve to do is swing your club at 50% power.