How Do You Hit A Great 50-Yard Bunker Shot In Golf?

The 50 yard bunker shot, is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges that you might have to play on the course. As a matter of fact, any bunker shot for that matter will give you a difficult time especially if you are just starting out and trying to learn your way around. Once your ball lands in the bunker, a lot of players just lose hope. This is because most of them do not have the slightest idea how to escape the bunker, leave alone getting out of it.

There are certain tips that will make it easier for you to survive the 50 yard bunker scare, and get back on with your game. Here are some tips:

  • Thou shalt not give up
  • Visualization
  • Proper stance
  • Good downswing

Thou shalt not give up

The first rule of playing bunker shots is that you will never give up at any one point in time. Giving up is the ultimate mistake. You cannot feel downtrodden just yet. Treat this as a challenge, one that if you overcome, you will become better with time, and everything else from there will be a walk in the park.


Next up is visualization. Of course you are already in the bunker. You need to strike a good 50 yard shot to get you from the bunker and earn some good distance on the green, as close as possible to the target. Visualize. Take a good look at where you want to send the ball, imagine where it is, and strike.

The concept behind visualization is to make sure that you can size up the distance from where you are to the target. This is also important so that you are able to apportion just the right amount of power behind that strike.

Proper stance

A good stance is all about balance. You might need to dig slightly into the sand to root yourself in before you take that shot. Otherwise the power behind your stroke will be more than enough to send you tumbling.

Good downswing

Everything about this shot comes down to the downswing. Make it precise, do not rush it. The most common mistake here for beginners is to send the club down with a thud, a lot of force. This is not how you should do it. You should let the impact carry the ball out of the sand, not your stroke.