What Makes Golf Resorts In Algarve So Attractive

The 120 km- stunning coastline is no less a reason to make Algarve the best place to visit in Portugal. The region is blessed with beautiful beaches and fantastic weather, which makes it an ideal golfing destination round the year. Different towns are located along the coastline, which cater to different moods ranging among bustling, modern, traditional, and calm. For a golfing holiday, you can visit Vilamoura, Quarteira, and Albufeira. All these places are abundant with world- class golf courses, many of which, have been host to golf championships.

The towns of Vilamoura, Quarteira, and Albufeira

Vilamoura is built as an elite resort town, with golf courses and the marina as the main attraction for multi- millionaires of Europe. The town has six golf courses along with the golf shops, from where you can hire golf equipment. The only thing about Vilamoura that may bother you is that you have to pay a premium price for restaurants, hotels, and bars.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you may go to Quarteira; it is located only 5-minutes away from Vilamoura. This place also has wonderful beach, which offers you more value for money. However, you may not get particularly refined ambience here.

You can also come to Albufeira, which is accessible to most of the popular golf courses of Portugal. Many golf pro shops are spread around the golf courses. If you do not mind renting the equipment, you can spend a little on it. Otherwise, bringing your own equipment may prove significantly expensive depending on the airlines.

What is so special about Algarve?

What is it about Algarve golf resorts, which makes them so attractive. Thousands and millions of tourists from all over the world fly, sail, or drive to Algarve every year, with expectations of sun-drenched time of the day at the beautiful beaches. The welcoming and lovely family- oriented places and the warm culture of Portugal give you endless options to enjoy.

Golfers and their friends and family of all ages and preferences can have something to enjoy. The golf courses in Algarve become even more special because of proximity to the ocean and of course, amazing climate. The undulating fairways and world class architecture of the golf courses makes the golfers’ hearts melt as soon as they enter the golf course. Along with the golf courses, you can have the pleasure of your life at some of the most stunning and traditional plus contemporary golf resorts. These places offer many outdoor activities apart from golf. Once you come to Algarve, you will always want to come back.