What Are The Best Lodging Options For Golf Travelers In Portugal?

Looking to travel to Portugal for your golf holiday? This is indeed a brilliant choice. There are so many amazing golf courses here. Portugal is considered one of the ultimate golf locations all over the world, so this would definitely be an incredible choice for you either way. You can also rest assured that when you are coming to Portugal for this holiday, there is very little that you will ever have to worry about. In terms of the benefits of playing on some of the best courses so far, you have a lot of courses to try out, and you can be sure you will barely ever get to play on all of them, at least not unless you plan on coming back every other year and trying all of them out. That being the case, you need to choose some good lodging options. There are a lot of these available at your disposal, so you should not have much to worry about so far. The following are some of the ideal options that you can consider as you plan your stay in the country:

  • Hotels
  • Golf resorts
  • Villas
  • Apartment hotels


Just as much as the golf courses are popular, so are the hotels in the country. You have a wide array of hotels that you can look into. These vary from one part of the country to the other, and will mostly depend on the kind of budget that you are working with. You can choose anything from a 5 star hotel downwards, as long as you can afford it.

Golf resorts

The golf resorts are incredible. These are in fact the ultimate options for those who have lots of money to burn. They are the epitome of class, and will give you that feeling of an amazing holiday every other time you come here.


Just in case you are not interested in the hotels or the luxurious golf resorts, there are a number of villas available. These are moderately priced, so you will always find something within an acceptable range that you would consider.

Apartment hotels

For those who are traveling with large families or a large group, perhaps the apartment hotels would come in handy. These are basically apartments, fully furnished, and some of them offer self-catering facilities, or you can also get a chef on site.