Playing Golf In The Rain: 4 Tips That Will Save Your Round

Playing in open is always a challenge when the weather is not in your favor. But, you have to pay a price for everything. The joy of playing golf can never be compared with playing it in a closed practice range. The rainy weather is especially a mess if you do not take proper care. The psychological effect of rains is more than its actual impact on the game. Although you cannot control the rainy weather, you can adapt your game according to these uncomfortable conditions. Follow the following tips to make your game a lot less messy.

Wear the appropriate outfit

You need to keep three parts of your body warm- core, hands and head. However, these areas should not get too hot either. Wear a pair of waterproof warm gloves if it is not raining too much. You can also keep hand warmers in your pockets. To keep the head warm, do not forget to wear a rain hat or a beanie cap.

Your core also needs to be kept warm. You must primarily wear a T-shirt made of polypropylene (thermal inner wear), which can stick to your skin and also helps to evaporate the sweat. On top of that you can wear a golf polo T-shirt. The idea is to keep your body warm. That is why, wearing clothes in layers helps on a rainy day. The topmost layer can consist of a lightweight rain jacket. This can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved, however you like.

Do not let the equipments get wet

Not all golfers come with a caddy to hold your clubs beneath an umbrella. Thus, a better idea is to procure a pushcart which has the provision of an umbrella stand. Taking an extra precaution of placing a water proof sack over the clubs will give you more convenience. You must bring some additional dry towels in a Ziploc bag and keep it in the golf bag. These towels can be used to dry the golf clubs and your hands.

Wear right gloves

Your regular leather gloves might not be appropriate for the rainy day. Buy a pair of gloves which keeps your hands warm as well as gives you a better grip when your hands or golf handles get wet.

Understand the conditions

Winds during a rainy day are obviously more than those on normal days. And golfers have an inclination to swing harder when they feel the wind in their ears. But, you must swing easy when the weather is breezy. The wind also has tremendous effect on the flight of the ball. Any impact on the ball is doubled when you hit it harder. It means your mistakes would also be doubled along with the benefits. Understand the winds and play carefully.