Putting In The Wind – 4 Ways To Improve Your Results 

If there is one thing that a lot of players struggle with, it has to be playing in the wind. Believe it or not, even the experienced players will often end up struggling with the wind from time to time, and it is important that you put in some effort to learn how to get through this. Unfortunately there is not much that you can do about the wind, because golf is an outdoor sport. Therefore you can either learn to play through the wind, or when you are lucky and things truly get out of hand, the game can be called off for a while until things cool down a bit.

For you to putt appropriately in the wind, you have to take into consideration a number of factors that will help you out a great deal. There are some useful points that have always helped players in the wind, and we will share them herein with you, so that you can learn them, and also have an easier time playing golf properly irrespective of the presence of strong or light winds:

  • Have a wider stance
  • Ball position
  • Stability on the ground
  • Body alignment

Have a wider stance

For you to get this shot right, make sure that you keep a wider stance. The concept here is to make sure that you are more stable on the ground, especially as you try to battle the influence of the wind on your game. Losing balance will easily have you send the ball in the wrong direction, and you can also topple and fall down.

Ball position

The position of the ball with respect to your game should not change. Keep the ball in the same position it has always been always, in the middle of your stance. Do not try to adjust this for the wind.

Stability on the ground

Once again on the subject of balance, have the spikes of your shoes firmly rooted into the ground. The idea here is to help you stay rooted to the ground, firm as a rock. The wind might try to knock you over, but this will help you overcome the challenge.

Body alignment

The alignment of your body is also important. Make sure that you are able to keep your hips and head in the same position that you always have them when putting.