Wise Recommendations On How To Lower Golf Handicap

As a weekend golfer, your game will improve as you practice more and play as many rounds as possible. Many ask themselves, however, ‘Is there not a way that I can lower my handicap effectively.’ Luckily, there a few ways to do this and in fact, some of them are even used by tour professionals themselves. Let’s take a closer look.

Start your pre-round warm-up with some chipping

Many people think the first thing they should do when they hit the golf course is to pull out their driver on the range and start blasting the ball as far as possible. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many pros will take a smaller club, sometimes only a wedge and slowly start to build into their swing mechanics, starting with a quarter swing, moving to a half swing, each time hitting the ball a short distance ACCURATELY. They do this to make sure they are hitting the ball properly, that their swing is in a groove and to warm up those essential muscles they will be using during their round.

Try the same method and after hitting 10 balls and landing them where you want using a shortened swing, start using a full swing and try to do the same, while moving from your longer irons to your driver. When you have finished your warm up, you should have achieved three things.

  • Warmed up your muscles sufficiently

  • Made sure your swing is in the groove of a smooth and consistent rhythm

  • Made sure you are hitting the ball as sweetly as possible.

By achieving this, you are more than ready to play a round of golf.

Practice things that matter

Often, golfers will find that they are particularly good at one area in the game but struggle with others. For example, you may be able to crunch a ball from the tee-box and land in the fairway 9 times out of 10, but your short game is poor. Well, in this kind of scenario, it makes complete sense that when practicing, you focus on the area of your game that needs improvement. It sounds so obvious, yet so many people do not follow this simple rule. Yes, it is fun going to the driving range and smashing balls 200 meters but there is no real point if this area of your game is sound.

Work out your pre-shot routine

A pre-shot routine is a critical aspect in lowering your handicap. No matter if you are driving from the tee-box or facing a little 1-inch putt, it pays to follow your routine each time. If you don’t have one, you will need to develop your own, but this will help to keep you focused and calm, no matter what shot you face.

Putt, putt, putt

No matter if you are an excellent putter, putting the ball in the hole is the point of the game of golf. Putting should form an important part of your practice time and we don’t mean long-range ‘hallelujah’ putts either. Work on putts from a range of 3 to 10 feet and once you are content with those, try a few long-range efforts, just to hone your ability to read greens over a long distance.


Second guessing yourself is one of those mental parts of your golf game that can really hold you back. Once you have visualized the shot you want to play in your mind, be sure to commit to it and play it. If start thinking about other options, your judgment becomes clouded and inevitably, you will mess up whatever shot you decide to try.

By following these simple steps, you will improve your game and your handicap is sure to fall very quickly.