Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On Iron Pre-Shot Routine

The pre-shot routine is something that most players tend to take for granted. Those who have managed to get their pre-shot routine right in the past often end up in a position where they are able to play really awesome golf. Those who haven’t have things a bit rough from time to time. Of course without a pre-shot routine you will still manage to play golf, but not as properly as someone who has a routine to stick to.

There are a number of questions that players, especially beginner players have always asked in the past with respect to the pre-shot routine, and it is important that you learn how to answer them. Once you can answer these questions, you will be able to understand the need for a good pre-shot routine, especially if you are playing the irons.

Here are some of the most common questions that are frequently asked by players, with respect to the pre-shot routine:

  • Does it improve performance?
  • How does it help the body?
  • How is it related to your shots?
  • How does it affect your mind?

Does it improve performance?

Certainly it does. With a good pre-shot routine, you will definitely see some improvement in your performance. This is why all the top players in golf have their pre-shot routines, which they do each and every time before they play the ball. You will always notice your favorite player practicing some swings before they actually strike the ball, and when they do, it goes where they want the ball to go.

How does it help the body?

Yes, it does help the body. A pre-shot routine is supposed to make the body ready for the upcoming sequence of events, which means the series of movements that the body is about to perform. This therefore allows your body to make the necessary adjustments.

How is it related to your shots?

It helps you stay comfortable enough to make the shot in confidence. You need to be calm and collected before you strike the ball, or you will make errors that will cost you a great deal.

How does it affect your mind?

Golf requires focus, a lot of it. With a pre-shot routine, you are able to set your mind to do just what you want. It helps you focus on what you should do, and avoid any tricks that your mind might be playing on you, especially when you are playing in front of water.