General Advice On How To Make A Perfect Swing Off The Tee

The Driver is one of the most difficult clubs in your bag to master. It has an angle that rarely exceeds 10 degrees and so it is more susceptible to hook and slice than any other. That said, there are massive rewards in being able to hit consistent drives off the tee down the middle of the fairway. If you can do that you have a good chance of setting up to make par on many holes, and as a result score consistently well. You don’t necessarily have to be big and strong to hit the ball long distances but you need a good routine and timing to start each hole well.

Today’s Jumbo Drivers have a fairly big ‘sweet spot’ but you still need to have a consistent swing in order that you can get the club face square to the ball on impact each time.

Key Elements

Your setup is the key. You must follow the same steps every time:

  • Put the driver on the ground which allows you to get the correct alignment to the target. Your body is likely to be aligned slightly left of that target.

  • Put your feet together with your ball in front of you before moving your left foot back in line with your left shoulder.

  • Your right foot then needs to be moved forward though the ball should be front of centre in what should now be a stable stance.

  • You are holding a club with a long shaft so that the ball can be out in front of you yet you should not find you are having to stretch to reach it. You want a wide swing so achieve maximum distance however.

  • With a straight back and slightly bent knees you should feel comfortable and stable yet able to rotate shoulders and hips as the drive requires.

You Must Practise

You can practice all of this until it becomes second natural. You can get this far without actually needing to hit a ball; you can do that at home but you then have the actual swing to master. As you take your hands back in your backswing they should actually result in your shoulders turning with your hips doing likewise. As you sweep down through the ball you must concentrate on following through as similar distance as you have gone back.

There are plenty of driving ranges to help your practice without the need to collect your bucket of balls yourself. You really have no excuses and if you want your game to improve you simply have to do it.