How To Upgrade Your Putting In Three Simple Steps

Control the speed and distance of the golf ball

The putt shot is one of the most common shots used by the golfers. The putt shot refers to a light shot or stroke played along the greens aiming to roll the golf ball into the hole. The golf club used for the shot, commonly known as the putter, covers a short distance and generates relatively low speed so that the ball enters the hole conveniently.

The clubface generates lesser angle of loft. Other characteristics of a putter include a flat base, bent shafts, guides for ball position, and non-circular club grips.

Classification of putt shots

  • Traditional putt: Most golfers nowadays use the basic stance and grip to hit the putt shot generated by rotational speed of the shoulders.
  • Long putt: The rotational speed during the swing is different because the weight shifts towards the leading arm of your club. It helps in alignment, control, speed, and direction of the golf ball.
  • Body putt: The golfer uses a longer club to play this shot. The arms rotate in the form of a pendulum that avoids wrist break problems and reduces the rotation of your forearm. You maintain a good speed and control over the distance covered by the golf ball.
  • Crossover: in this style, the golfer controls the grip using the leading arm. In this way, the shoulders are aligned square to the grip at impact.

Path Drill

You need to practice swinging on a consistent path. Place the head of the golf club at the back of the golf ball. Keep two golf clubs at a distance on the ground. Swing between the clubs on the ground and strike the ball. If the club hits any other club, then rectify the swing.

Clock drill

Place three golf balls in a straight line at a distance of multiples of 3 feet away from the final hole; the pattern must resemble to the sign of 12, 3, 6 and 9 in a clock. Now hit the putt shot to achieve a 12 simultaneously.

The Chip Putt

The golfer must raise his body above the golf ball. During the swing, you must slightly bend your wrists, especially when you take the backswing. Now rotate your body at impact. Obtain a longer follow-through to hit the long putt shot. Use the putter to hit the chip shot.