4 Simple Iron Play Drills From Professional Golf Teachers

When you don’t have time or money to work with a golf teacher there are some drills to consider helping to get results. In this case, golfers may look to correct an issue related to ball contact. Some may hit the ground first before coming in contact with the ball. This can create poor distance and leave the play coming up short. There are different drills to consider that can help in different aspects of the play. There are players that may argue about which element to focus on (stance, ball position, swing), but depending on what you want to improve you may find something that will help you in that specific area. Here are 4 ideas for iron play drills.

  1. Place ball 3 inches in front of a flat tee. Focus on hitting the area where the tee lays. The focus of this drill is to get your club head in position to make contact with the tee. This can be a good drill for those who have issues making solid contact with the ball. You can change your stance, grip and iron used during the drill to get an idea which gives the best result.
  2. Practice swinging at the ball with half swings. This drill helps in learning how to control your iron. There are plays in which you will not need a full swing in order to make the shot. This means your backswing will be long or short. You can do this with balls in front of you or consider just practicing the swing motion without balls present. Pay attention to your grip, leg positioning and upper body. Keep swing motions smooth and consistent.
  3. Setup your play by having the ball back further. This aspect can help with proper ball placement. Sometimes players have issues hitting the ball or getting it to go where they want because of where it is positioned before being hit. Make practice plays with the ball further back and change its position as you practice to understand end result.
  4. Hit the ball with feet close together and change swing (full and half). This helps in working to improve balance. Some players simply have a problem maintaining balance when they swing. This can make a big difference when following through the shot and making solid contact with the ball.