Golf Tips: 5 Effective Exercises For Back Pain

Swinging and posturing while playing golf can be tough on your back. You can use a few exercises to keep these pains from being worse and bothersome while you are playing or even when you’re just resting.

  • Planks
  • Hip Flexion
  • Prone Rolling
  • Squats
  • Step-Ups


Plank exercises help to work on your core muscles to relieve pains. You can do this by lying on your stomach and then pushing your body up with your hands. The wrists must be below the shoulders for this to work. Keep the pose intact for as long as possible for this to work.

A side plank exercise can also be used to help you keep your balance. This entails keeping your hand and arm perpendicular to the ground while your body forms a triangle between the main body, your arm and the floor.

Hip Flexion

The hip flexion can help you relieve back pain and stretch the hips. You must get on your hands and knees and pull the body up toward the back while keeping that curve in your back intact. The key is to get your hips moving so they will not feel all that stiff.

Prone Rolling

This exercise prepares you for keeping the motion in a golf swing under control while stretching out your back muscles. This is done when you lie flat on the ground with your arms over your head and your legs out. Raise your arm toward the ceiling and then rotate your body in that direction to get on your other side without moving any other part of your body.


Squats are ideal for back pain as they help you to stimulate all your back muscles so you won’t feel worn out all that much. A squat exercise works best if you have an even motion and some weights to use for resistance. A squat will specifically involve bending your knees down while your body is straight and then moving back up again, thus helping you to strengthen your muscles so they won’t feel all that worn out.


While step-ups are often used as leg exercises that involve moving up and back down on a stair, this exercise can also help you out if you keep your back straight. Specifically, it will stimulate your back and core muscles while helping them to control the ways how inflammation or other problems in the area are resolved. This in turn will make your lower back feel stronger and less likely to cope with a good deal of pain.