How To Start Golfing: Advice On Choosing Equipment

You have finally decided to buy a new set of best golf clubs. Are you worried before you buy since you are a beginner? It may become even more overwhelming to buy the clubs from a pro shop because there are hundreds of golf clubs. Another problem with beginners is that most people do not know whether their newfound love is just a fancy or a lifelong passion. You can consider these tips before you head out to buy new golf clubs.

Recognize Your Needs

You must recognize the level of your game and your dedication towards it. Do you spend every other weekend at the golf course, or you head out just for a golfing vacation twice or thrice in a year? This will help you determine the amount of money you should spend on your golf equipment. If your golf clubs are going to spend most of their time in the garage, it is not use exhausting most of your savings on them.

Identify amendments in the Game

Depending on the frequency of your play, your golf may undergo several changes. Has it improved or has your handicap level increased? You might like to buy your equipment according to the changes in your game. The thumb rule here is to take benefit of the technology meant for improving your game. Buying the clubs that match your expertise level and dedication can help you significantly improve your game.

Change in shafts

The shaft is made up of either graphite or steel. Flex of the shaft is another factor that determines your decision of buying. If you are buying fairway or driver wood shafts, there will be the only option of graphite shaft. If you are looking at irons, there will be a choice between graphite and steel. As we age, we require a softer flex on the golf shafts. Since the graphite shaft is light in weight, you can increase your swing speed with it. If you have a weak or slow swing, you must buy graphite shaft.

Graphite shaft clubs are more costly since they are made of higher quality material and are lighter. Even though steel shaft is a little heavier, it is more durable and you can save some money on it. if you have faster speed of swing, you can rely on steel shaft.


Clubfiting can also help you if you are not able to get a golf club of your choice. You need to give some measurements, answer the questions about the distances, and get the clubs of your preference. You can even do it online or at a pros shop.